Sunday, 12 April 2015

Taiwan; Taipei, Hualien, Taroko Gorge, Jiufen

9 days in Taiwan..

Taroko Gorge.

It was such a shame that 8 our of 9 of the days we were in Taiwan, it was RAINING :( we went to see so many awesome things but i believe we didn't experience it at it's full potential. Lots of gloomy photos to come :(


My fav pic of the trip.

We were sitting in natural hot springs.. the ones higher above ground level have the hottest temperature as they are closer to its source. The ones close to the river mix with the icy cold water and the extreme temperatures cancel each other out. So i was sitting in the pool 3 levels down from where that old man was sitting and already felt like I was getting 3rd degree burns to my feet... this old man, obviously a regular was sitting at the hottest pool, with his entire body submerged in it #dafuq

His nervous system has probably failed with aged haha 

I don't know what this monkey is doing #mum #lobsterlegs

Dad's legs burnt hahahahahahahahahahaha

Just playing around with my mini jar


Little creatures

another favourite pic although quality isn't up there.

Day at the park in Taipei, drones and kites flying high in the grey skies. And little kids are running around kicking balls or on their no hand segways. 

Speaking of juxtaposition..

Made mum and dad catch the subway with me... so squishy #canoftunas

Testicals... what would happen if you put them on a plate, use a knife and cut a piece off?

Getting way too engrossed in this stupid machine. Dad was close to going outside to buy her a toy instead. Would've saved lots of moneys.

Din Tai Fung 101

Watching the news about LKY with dad... in the toilet #dontquestionit

Best brekkie I had at Yong He. Freshly baked bread and freshly steamed dumplings made to order

Yes yes yes

When you've spent too much time with mum #sorry

With Mr Liu!!

Third Wheel 😥 as usual

Cute room in our B&B

Cute Brekkie

First time seeing a proper pebble beach. It hurt :( no running please

Woman cooking hundreds of eggs... insert heart shaped eye emoji here

Dinner date with dad whilst mum was sick in the hotel.

Dad giving my selfie stick a go


Cutest bathroom

My mum's outrageous fashion


The first ever Din Tai Fung in the world!! @ xinyi. 

With the DTF Mascot. Msssive fans

Umm. Bread shop? Ate loads of bo lo baos from here. Corner of yong kang lu. 

Guan Ying Ma... haha

I've been sooo slack updating my blog lately. Since my previous trip to Hervey Bay I've since been to  Vanuatu, Jervis Bay (lost all my photos from there so no post), Taiwan, Shanghai and Singapore. More silly photos coming up soon I promise.

I have also decided to change the title of my blog. Mygapyear2013 is so.. 2013.

So many new adventures to come I cannot wait :)

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